A Poem By Sardul Raj Ahmed, 4th A, FAIPS-DPS

It is a country of monuments,
And have lots of equipment.
It has a national song,
But not very long,
We memorize it with respect and honor,
It touches our heart and reaches every corner.

We celebrate republic day respecting our nation,
And celebrate May Day respecting human.

The tiger is our national animal
It has paws and claws
And represents the strength
Of our unique nation.

The peacock is our national bird
Represents the beauty in the world,
The lotus is our national flower
Represents our knowledge and Indian culture.

Our national emblem has horse, bull and four lions
Representing courage, energy and hard working nations.
We have a tri-color national flag,
Represents sacrifice, peace and prosperity.

We are proud of our mother land
We salute It’s greatness and Unity
We are the part of Unique Land
Great India! It’s our mother land.

Don’t think we are none,
Actually, we all are One.

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